It's About Time - A time travel comedy, modern radio drama
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Episode 1

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S02E13 - Wedding Bell Blues

The paperwork is complete, all the legalities have been met, and the day has come. Wedding bells are ringing for Steve and McNish. Can they really save the world from Ragnarok? And, while they're off saving the world, what are Lester, Sergei, and Katya up to? If you guessed no good you just might be right. Choose your side and take your seats because the It's About Time gang are feeling some Wedding Bell Blues!

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S02E12 - Bachelor Party - A classic Las Vegas celebration, time travel-style

Steve has found himself a bride, even if just for a day. That means it's time for all the trappings of a wedding, including a bachelor party in classic Vegas style. While Steve and Charlie try to stay out of trouble, Anna and Erica get into some trouble of their own as they start to put the pieces together regarding Lester Lyle's odd Guatemalan phone calls. This ain't no hangover, this is a Bachelor Party!
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S02E11 - The Great Wall - Travel through time to meet Genghis Kahn and take a tour of the Great Wall

Some people will go a very Long Wei just to run a very long way. And then there's family. For which we also will travel a long way. All that's to say that a visit to China and the Great Wall are in store for a pair of intrepid travelers. Oh, and Steve still needs to find a bride before the End of Days. Confused? Tune in and we'll clear it all up.
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S02E10 - When They Were Kings - A trip through time to King Arthur's Court

We all know how some people take great pride in their lineage. When a trip to the Middle Ages reveals Charlie's true heritage, it's a race for the throne of England, but can Charlie hold onto it while surrounded by enemies? Can Steve keep the castle safe for One Knight Only? Only one way to find out!

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S02E09 - Take Me Out to the Ballgame - Travel in time to meet Babe Ruth

Pages of the calendar float by like leaves in the wind and the Boys of Summer turn their thoughts to the Fall Classic. That's right, we're talking baseball - America's Favorite Game. Arguably, of course. When a friendly office softball game heats up, though, where do the folks at It's About Time Travel Agency turn? Tune in to find out. Now, Take Me Out to the Ballgame!
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S02E08 - Rome If You Want To

With things patched up between Charlie and Stephanie, all that's left is setting a date. Any date, really. Meanwhile, Steve takes a client on a bender through ancient Rome. Will she give him the experience of a lifetime or is she just lyin?

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S02E07 - Now That's What I Call Podcasting

With Charlie's love life down the tubes it seems like a good time to take up a hobby. Can he resolve things with Stephanie in record time? In other news, Steve is off through the portal for a little Down Under action with McNish. Can a hot spring turn into a cool summer?

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S02E06 - The Rockettes Red Glare Pt 2 - Time travel to save America from the Red Scare in this sci-fi comedy episode

A client gets mixed up with a Communist plot to take over the United States during the Cold War. Can Steve and Charlie save both her and the future of America? Will Lady Liberty show her true colors? Tune in to the second part of The Rockettes Red Glare.

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S02E05-Rockettes Red Glare Pt 1 - Get all sci-fi with an alternate timeline threat to the Red, White, and Blue.

When a young dancer wants to hit it big, Steve and Charlie send her back to the 60s to become a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall. She's not the only one with a particular desire to tap into stardom, though. Can the Red Menace be stopped from crushing the dreams of starlets everywhere? Join us in the first half of a two-part Cold War extravaganza in The Rockettes Red Glare!

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S02E04 - Beyond Endurance - Time travel to Antarctica to unlock the portals!

Tired of being relegated to time travel tourists with nothing to bring back but memories, Steve and Charlie decide to seek out the keys to controlling the portals. Can they succeed in earnest or will their goals get put on ice?. Join us in Episode 4: Beyond Endurance

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S02E03-Deep Note - Travel through time for timeless advice from the world's greatest lovers.

Things at the travel agency are finally back to normal. Or are they? Margie is still trapped in time, Charlie's in love, and Steve... Wait! Steve's getting married? It's going to take some of the most renowned masters of romance in history to figure this one out. Join us in Episode 3: Deep Note!

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S02E02 - Off the Clock - Discover the key to time travel in this comedy adventure

Steve has been sprung from jail, but Anna is still missing, and Margie is lost as well. Charlie showed some quick thinking to get his partner free, but can he put all the pieces together before it's too late? As long as the travel agency is close, Charlie and Steve are Off the Clock!

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S02E01-Lost and Bound - The sci-fi comedy audio drama picks up where season 1 left off

Steve and Charlie in jail, Anna taken captive by the nefarious Branch, and Margie and Rick traveling through time trying to put all the pieces together. That pretty much describes the beginning of Season 2 of It's About Time. Will Steve and Charlie do hard time? Is Anna doomed? Will Rick get a kiss from Margie? You'll just have to listen to find out!

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Actor's Roundtable - The actors of this sci-fi comedy audio drama discuss season 1

Charlie, Steve, Ryan, Sarah, Raul, and Laila - some of the It's About Time actors - discuss the fun and challenges of performing Season 1 of the show.

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Writers Roundtable - A behind-the-scenes look at this sci-fi comedy audio drama from the writer's perspective

The It's About Time writers - Charlie, Steve, Doug, and Rob - discuss the fun and challenges in bring Season 1 to life as well as some of the (very vague) plans for Season 2. There are some Season 1 spoilers, so if you haven't caught up on the season go do it!

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S01E13 - Missing Inaction - The series finale ends in murder

When a well-ordered wayfarer wanders away, Steve and Charlie are left wondering what went wrong. That's only the beginning of their trouble though as their efforts go Missing Inaction. Tune in to the Season 1 Finale of It's About Time!

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S01E12 - What the Flap? - A trip to the Roaring 20's

A high-society gal needs to visit the Roaring 20's and, by gum, she's not going alone. Can Steve ensure that this customer is satisfied? Can Charlie gain the respect he feels the Hyphenbridge name deserves? Can Margie keep them out of trouble long enough for Anna to get her troubles sorted out?

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S01E11 - Fort Sumthin' - Civil War reenactors get to visit the real thing.

When the Agency's funds suddenly dry up, Charlie and Steve decide to pitch a trip for Civil War reenactors to where it all began - Fort Sumter. Are they off-base or did they hit a homerun? And what will Margie do with her mom in town for a visit and Lester standing at the door?

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S01E10 - Hey Bable! - Time travel back to consult with Hammurabi.

No one ever said a divorce was easy. While it's always a good idea to quit Facebook, hit the gym, and lawyer up, not all lawyers are equal. If you want the best you'll want the guy who started it all. May I bring the court's attention to Hammurabi, who will be representing one Charles Hyphenbridge. Or not. Tune in for another visit to the distant past with Steve and Charlie. Don't be a Nimrod!

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S01E09 - Dino Might? Disco and dinosaurs are featured in this sci-fi comedy episode

Given a time portal, how far back would you go? Last week? Last year? All the way back to the days of, gasp!, Disco? Or would you go further still? Grab your platform shoes and gold chains and join Charlie and Steve as they push the boundaries of space and time in "Dino-Might?"

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S01E08 - The Philosophy Of Funny - The birth of comedy with the Marx Brothers

What makes a thing "funny"? 

Slapstick? Pratfalls? Subtle commentary on a bourgeois society under pressure from a strident proletariat? 

Journey back in time with Charlie and Steve as they seek to uncover the birth of humor in The Philosophy of Funny.

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S01E07-Yule Be Sorry - Christmas vacation at the time travel agency

Tired of long lines at the airport, Steve and Charlie decide to step through the portal for their Christmas vacations, while Margie has an unexpected visit at the massage parlor. Spend the holidays with the crew of It's About Time Travel Agency.

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S01E06-Flashback - Travel back in time to when Charlie and Steve first met in this sci-fi comedy

How did 2 such different people become what can only be roughly called good friends? And what's up with the song lyrics? Join Charlie and Steve as they flashback to that first time they met. Also journey back to Ellis Island to celebrate a family reunion of another sort.

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S01E05-For Love of Royal Danish - Time travel to Denmark to steal a Faberge Egg

There are eggs, and there are Eggs. The finest of these were the Imperial Faberge eggs, made for Tsar Alexander III. Many of these finely crafted eggs are housed in museums or the occasional private collection. Some, however, have been lost in the sea of time. If someone were to find one of these lost eggs, they would be rich beyond belief. And famous.

Join us Wednesday on this egg-cellent adventure, as Charlie and Steve dive into their portal once again. After all, It's About Time!

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S01E04-Dewey Decimated - A time travel adventure in the great Library of Alexandria

December, 48BC - The forces of Caesar and Cleopatra battle King Ptolemy XIII in Alexandria. Though victorious, Caesar is blamed for setting the great Library of Alexandria on fire, resulting in the destruction of one of the greatest treasures of human knowledge ever to exist. But what if that's not how it happened?

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S01E03-Bride of Dracula - A trip back to Transylvania to raise sales at Halloween

Still looking for a way to leverage the power of the portal for profit, Charlie and Steve enter into an unholy deal with one of the most sinister men in history.

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S01E02-The Heist - This sci-fi serial continues with a trip to rob Blackbeard the Pirate.

After Charlie suggests they use the portal to get rich, he and Steve find themselves face to face with Blackbeard the Pirate.

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S01E01-HelpWanted - The start of our time travel audio drama

When a mysterious man from her past shows up unexpectedly, Anna is forced to flee, leaving Steve and Charlie to guard her secret. What could go wrong?

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Trailer - It's About Time

Coming in October - the It's About Time audio drama. A Cardinal James Show production.

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